Becker Beschlaege European Cabinet Hardware Knobs and Pulls

Becker Beschlaege is Germany's leading manufacturer of high quality decorative hardware and fittings. They manufacture knobs and pulls that are both functional and decorative. With the promise of the highest quality level in traditional and new materials for every market sector from antique, traditional and contemporary.

Becker Beschlaege symbolizes professional production and development of decorative hardware. Whether handle or knob - they follow the old school methods of this traditional craftsmanship - in style with every cultural era for more than 50 years. Things have changed during this period. Machines got bigger, production times were reduced and the entitlement towards materials and techniques has risen rapidly. However, at Becker Beschlaege the responsibility and knowledge about protecting the environment has influenced their manufacturing processes strongly and they are facing the new challenges with the same enthusiasm as they did in the past, while striving to continuously develop their range of products - constantly looking to explore new designs, manufacturing materials and techniques whilst keeping with the strong and trusted traditions on which the company was founded.

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