Cache - 36" on Center Towel Bar in Cobblestone with Aurora Boreal Crystal - Carpe Diem Hardware

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Product Description

cache is shown with genuine swarovski crystal.
  • Length:
  • Width: 2 3/4"
  • Projection: 4"

    Disclaimer: Black bar no longer available all colors come with matching bar.

    Disclaimer: All items are hand made and as a result dimensions will vary slightly from piece to piece. Pre-drilling holes is not recommended.
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    Current: 1709-0-AB
    1709-0-C 1709-0-J 1709-0-VL 1709-0-VM 1709-11-AB 1709-11-C 1709-11-J 1709-11-VL 1709-11-VM 1709-12-AB 1709-12-C 1709-12-J 1709-12-VL 1709-12-VM 1709-2-AB 1709-2-C 1709-2-J 1709-2-VL 1709-2-VM 1709-22-AB 1709-22-C 1709-22-J 1709-22-VL 1709-22-VM 1709-23-AB 1709-23-C 1709-23-J 1709-23-VL 1709-23-VM 1709-24-AB 1709-24-C 1709-24-J 1709-24-VL 1709-24-VM 1709-26-AB 1709-26-C 1709-26-J 1709-26-VL 1709-26-VM 1709-27-AB 1709-27-C 1709-27-J 1709-27-VL 1709-27-VM 1709-3-AB 1709-3-C 1709-3-J 1709-3-VL 1709-3-VM 1709-8-AB 1709-8-C 1709-8-J 1709-8-VL 1709-8-VM 1709-9-AB 1709-9-C 1709-9-J 1709-9-VL 1709-9-VM

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