Cache - Toilet Tissue Holder Large Backplate Right in Cobblestone with Aurora Boreal Crystal - Carpe Diem Hardware

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Product Description

cache is shown with genuine swarovski crystal.
  • Length: 6 1/4"
  • Width: 6 3/4"
  • Projection: 2 1/2"

    Disclaimer: All items are hand made and as a result dimensions will vary slightly from piece to piece. Pre-drilling holes is not recommended.
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    1. Q: Do use an adhesive to place on wall? What would you recommend? Thank you
      A: Attach the mounting plate by driving screws into the pre-drilled holes. If you are using anchors, drive the anchor in first, then attach the bracket with screws.  Position the mounting bracket over the mounting plate and tighten the set screw. Was this answer useful to you?
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