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Keyed Knobs and Levers Hardware - Keyed Left Handed Helios Lever With Square Rose in Oil Rubbed Bronze - Emtek Hardware

$181.60 MSRP $227.00
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Product Description

  • Function: Keyed (Safe and Secure Exit) - Keyed entry function; turn button locking, can be unlocked by key outside or by turn button inside
  • Knob/Lever Length: 4 3/4"
  • Knob/Lever Width: 1/2"
  • Projection: 2"
  • Rose Length: 2 1/2"
  • Sold as complete set. Includes Latch and Strike Plate
  • Full Lip Square Corner Strike

    Please note:This item has exposed interior screws

    Please Note:A slight variance in the tone of these items can occur. We consider these variances to be minimal; slight variations are normal. We suggest ordering from within the same collection to assure color consistency.

  • Specifications

    Item #
    Model #
    Sub Category: 
    Cross Bore: 
    Door Handing: 
    Door Thickness: 
    Specific Finish: 
    Free Shipping: 
    Lever Shape: 
    Locking Mechanism: 
    Base Material: 
    Mount Type: 
    Rosette Shape: 
    Other part numbers:
    California residents:
    see Proposition 65 information
    Vendor part numbers:
    Current: 5122238HLOLHUS10B-138
    5122234HLOLHUS10B-134 5122234HLOLHUS10B-138 5122234HLOLHUS10B-2 5122234HLOLHUS14-134 5122234HLOLHUS14-138 5122234HLOLHUS14-2 5122234HLOLHUS15-134 5122234HLOLHUS15-138 5122234HLOLHUS15-2 5122234HLOLHUS19-134 5122234HLOLHUS19-138 5122234HLOLHUS19-2 5122234HLOLHUS26-134 5122234HLOLHUS26-138 5122234HLOLHUS26-2 5122234HLOLHUS3NL-134 5122234HLOLHUS3NL-138 5122234HLOLHUS3NL-2 5122234HLOLHUS4-134 5122234HLOLHUS4-138 5122234HLOLHUS4-2 5122234HLORHUS10B-134 5122234HLORHUS10B-138 5122234HLORHUS10B-2 5122234HLORHUS14-134 5122234HLORHUS14-138 5122234HLORHUS14-2 5122234HLORHUS15-134 5122234HLORHUS15-138 5122234HLORHUS15-2 5122234HLORHUS19-134 5122234HLORHUS19-138 5122234HLORHUS19-2 5122234HLORHUS26-134 5122234HLORHUS26-138 5122234HLORHUS26-2 5122234HLORHUS3NL-134 5122234HLORHUS3NL-138 5122234HLORHUS3NL-2 5122234HLORHUS4-134 5122234HLORHUS4-138 5122234HLORHUS4-2 5122238HLOLHUS10B-134 5122238HLOLHUS10B-2 5122238HLOLHUS14-134 5122238HLOLHUS14-138 5122238HLOLHUS14-2 5122238HLOLHUS15-134 5122238HLOLHUS15-138 5122238HLOLHUS15-2 5122238HLOLHUS19-134 5122238HLOLHUS19-138 5122238HLOLHUS19-2 5122238HLOLHUS26-134 5122238HLOLHUS26-138 5122238HLOLHUS26-2 5122238HLOLHUS3NL-134 5122238HLOLHUS3NL-138 5122238HLOLHUS3NL-2 5122238HLOLHUS4-134 5122238HLOLHUS4-138 5122238HLOLHUS4-2 5122238HLORHUS10B-134 5122238HLORHUS10B-138 5122238HLORHUS10B-2 5122238HLORHUS14-134 5122238HLORHUS14-138 5122238HLORHUS14-2 5122238HLORHUS15-134 5122238HLORHUS15-138 5122238HLORHUS15-2 5122238HLORHUS19-134 5122238HLORHUS19-138 5122238HLORHUS19-2 5122238HLORHUS26-134 5122238HLORHUS26-138 5122238HLORHUS26-2 5122238HLORHUS3NL-134 5122238HLORHUS3NL-138 5122238HLORHUS3NL-2 5122238HLORHUS4-134 5122238HLORHUS4-138 5122238HLORHUS4-2

    Product FAQs

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    1. Q: Can this item be keyed alike if I provide the code?
      A: Our manufacturers are able to "key alike" their functional door hardware. If you require to key alike your hardware, please let us know the key number at the time of order in the comments section of our order form. Was this answer useful to you?
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