Brass Classic Hardware - Privacy Left Handed Cortina Door Lever With Oval Rose in Oil Rubbed Bronze - Emtek Hardware

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Product Description

  • Ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms or rooms where a locking mechanism is needed
  • Box Contents: Door Levers and chosen plates for both sides of door, latch mechanism, privacy spindle, privacy pin, full-lip strike plate and mounting screws

  • Ideal for closets, hallways or rooms where no locking mechanism is needed
  • Box Contents: Door Lever and chosen plate for both sides of door, latch mechanism, standard spindle, full-lip strike plate and mounting screws

  • Ideal for interior doors that require a push/pull function – no latch or lock
  • Box Contents: Non functioning knobs and chosen plates for both sides of door, two dummy spindles and mounting screws

  • Ideal for interior doors that require a push/pull function – no latch or lock
  • Box Contents: Non functioning Door Lever and chosen plate for one side of door, dummy spindle and mounting screws

  • Length: 4 3/8"
  • Rose Length: 4 1/2"
  • Rose Width: 2 1/2"
  • Projection: 2 1/4"

    Please note:This item has exposed interior screws

    Please note door thickness in the comment section upon checking out if thicker then 1 3/8".

    Please Note:A slight variance in the tone of these items can occur. We consider these variances to be minimal; slight variations are normal. We suggest ordering from within the same collection to assure color consistency.

  • Specifications

    Item #
    Model #
    Sub Category: 
    Cross Bore: 
    Door Handing: 
    Door Thickness: 
    Specific Finish: 
    Free Shipping: 
    Lever Shape: 
    Locking Mechanism: 
    Base Material: 
    Mount Type: 
    Rosette Shape: 
    Solid Construction: 
    California residents:
    see Proposition 65 information
    Vendor part numbers:
    Current: 8220CUS10B-LH-238
    8120CUS10B-LH-234 8120CUS10B-LH-238 8120CUS10B-RH-234 8120CUS10B-RH-238 8120CUS14-LH-234 8120CUS14-LH-238 8120CUS14-RH-234 8120CUS14-RH-238 8120CUS15-LH-234 8120CUS15-LH-238 8120CUS15-RH-234 8120CUS15-RH-238 8120CUS15A-LH-234 8120CUS15A-LH-238 8120CUS15A-RH-234 8120CUS15A-RH-238 8120CUS19-LH-234 8120CUS19-LH-238 8120CUS19-RH-234 8120CUS19-RH-238 8120CUS26-LH-234 8120CUS26-LH-238 8120CUS26-RH-234 8120CUS26-RH-238 8120CUS3-LH-234 8120CUS3-LH-238 8120CUS3-RH-234 8120CUS3-RH-238 8120CUS3NL-LH-234 8120CUS3NL-LH-238 8120CUS3NL-RH-234 8120CUS3NL-RH-238 8120CUS4-LH-234 8120CUS4-LH-238 8120CUS4-RH-234 8120CUS4-RH-238 8120CUS7-LH-234 8120CUS7-LH-238 8120CUS7-RH-234 8120CUS7-RH-238 8220CUS10B-LH-234 8220CUS10B-RH-234 8220CUS10B-RH-238 8220CUS14-LH-234 8220CUS14-LH-238 8220CUS14-RH-234 8220CUS14-RH-238 8220CUS15-LH-234 8220CUS15-LH-238 8220CUS15-RH-234 8220CUS15-RH-238 8220CUS15A-LH-234 8220CUS15A-LH-238 8220CUS15A-RH-234 8220CUS15A-RH-238 8220CUS19-LH-234 8220CUS19-LH-238 8220CUS19-RH-234 8220CUS19-RH-238 8220CUS26-LH-234 8220CUS26-LH-238 8220CUS26-RH-234 8220CUS26-RH-238 8220CUS3-LH-234 8220CUS3-LH-238 8220CUS3-RH-234 8220CUS3-RH-238 8220CUS3NL-LH-234 8220CUS3NL-LH-238 8220CUS3NL-RH-234 8220CUS3NL-RH-238 8220CUS4-LH-234 8220CUS4-LH-238 8220CUS4-RH-234 8220CUS4-RH-238 8220CUS7-LH-234 8220CUS7-LH-238 8220CUS7-RH-234 8220CUS7-RH-238 8520C.FULL.US10B-LH 8520C.FULL.US10B-RH 8520C.FULL.US14-LH 8520C.FULL.US14-RH 8520C.FULL.US15-LH 8520C.FULL.US15-RH 8520C.FULL.US15A-LH 8520C.FULL.US15A-RH 8520C.FULL.US19-LH 8520C.FULL.US19-RH 8520C.FULL.US26-LH 8520C.FULL.US26-RH 8520C.FULL.US3-LH 8520C.FULL.US3-RH 8520C.FULL.US3NL-LH 8520C.FULL.US3NL-RH 8520C.FULL.US4-LH 8520C.FULL.US4-RH 8520C.FULL.US7-LH 8520C.FULL.US7-RH 8520C.HALF.US10B-LH 8520C.HALF.US10B-RH 8520C.HALF.US14-LH 8520C.HALF.US14-RH 8520C.HALF.US15-LH 8520C.HALF.US15-RH 8520C.HALF.US15A-LH 8520C.HALF.US15A-RH 8520C.HALF.US19-LH 8520C.HALF.US19-RH 8520C.HALF.US26-LH 8520C.HALF.US26-RH 8520C.HALF.US3-LH 8520C.HALF.US3-RH 8520C.HALF.US3NL-LH 8520C.HALF.US3NL-RH 8520C.HALF.US4-LH 8520C.HALF.US4-RH 8520C.HALF.US7-LH 8520C.HALF.US7-RH

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