Mortise Pocket Door Hardware - Narrow Modern Rectangular Privacy Pocket Door Mortise Lock in Satin Brass - Emtek Hardware

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Product Description

  • Length: 7 1/4"
  • Width: 2"
  • Trim Plate thickness: 1/8"

    Please note: Mortise Door Hardware is only intended to be used on solid doors and can not be installed in hollow core doors
  • Specifications

    Item #
    Model #
    2155US4-1 3/8"
    UPC #
    Sub Category: 
    Door Thickness: 
    Specific Finish: 
    Free Shipping: 
    Base Material: 
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    Solid Construction: 
    Other part numbers:
    California residents:
    see Proposition 65 information
    Vendor part numbers:
    Current: 2155US4-1 3/8"
    2155US10B-1 3/4" 2155US10B-1 3/8" 2155US10B-2 1/4" 2155US10B-2" 2155US14-1 3/4" 2155US14-1 3/8" 2155US14-2 1/4" 2155US14-2" 2155US15-1 3/4" 2155US15-1 3/8" 2155US15-2 1/4" 2155US15-2" 2155US19-1 3/4" 2155US19-1 3/8" 2155US19-2 1/4" 2155US19-2" 2155US26-1 3/4" 2155US26-1 3/8" 2155US26-2 1/4" 2155US26-2" 2155US3NL-1 3/4" 2155US3NL-1 3/8" 2155US3NL-2 1/4" 2155US3NL-2" 2155US4-1 3/4" 2155US4-2 1/4" 2155US4-2"

    Product FAQs

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    1. Q: Can I make the thumb turn more steady it feels kind of flaky
      A: Please contact emtek's technical support deparment (800) 356-2741 Was this answer useful to you?
    2. Q: It looks like the "button" on the outside pull plate can just be turned from the outside to unlock the door. Is this true? Can turning that button unlock the door from the outside?
      A: Yes, you can use a paper clip to unlock the exterior plate in case of an emergency Was this answer useful to you?
    3. Q: is the pull section brass or also in Black Flat finish. I do not like the two tone look.
      A: The plate will be black however the d pull section will be brass. This is how the manufacturer makes the product. Was this answer useful to you?
    4. Q: my door pull is 51/2 door jam " i look for lock and pull thank you James
      A: This is for a 6 1/4" door jam, we do not offer a 5 1/2" Was this answer useful to you?
    5. Q: my door thickness is 1 5/8 inches. I do not see that size available on our site
      A: If you require a door thickness that is not shown, please let us know at the time of order in the comments section of our order form what thickness is needed. Was this answer useful to you?
    6. Q: Are there any options for this lock regarding a door that's 1-1/4in thick?
      A: The door thickness would need to be 1 3/8" inch.  We do not offer alternate options.  Was this answer useful to you?
    7. Q: Does this come with the plate that the lock slides into?
      A: The Mortise Lock ships complete with a strike plate. Was this answer useful to you?
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