Tubular Pocket Door Hardware - Tubular Round Privacy Pocket Door Lock in Flat Black - Emtek Hardware

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Product Description

  • Diameter: 2 1/2"
  • Backset: 2 3/8"
  • Cross Bore Diameter: 2 1/8"
  • Strike: Supplied with Privacy Strike Plate and Dust Box
  • Door Thickness: 1 3/8" - 1 3/4"
  • Round design eliminates the need to cut a new notch in door

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    Current: 2145US19
    2145US10B 2145US14 2145US15 2145US15A 2145US26 2145US3 2145US3NL 2145US4 2145US7

    Product FAQs

    Ask your question here...

    1. Q: Will this work on the inside of a hall bath that has a swing door ? I see that it locks , but is there a way to grasp it to pull it closed if it’s in a swing door ? I have a cabinet that my standard knob is hitting , so if this - or a similar product- works in a swing door that would be ideal
      A: This item is not recommended for a swinging door, it would hit the latch since you must turn the pull in order to retract the latch. A recessed pull may be what you are looking for. Click here to view Was this answer useful to you?
    2. Q: Can this replace your typical commercial door locking system, I need something heavy duty that will lock a commercial door
      A: This item is not recommended for commercial use.  This is a standard privacy pocket door lock Was this answer useful to you?
    3. Q: Do I need an edge pull purchased separately or does this have its own edge pull system on it?
      A: The privacy function does not include an edge pull. Was this answer useful to you?
    4. Q: I can’t tell if this is everything I need for 1 pocket door hardware. Do I still need to buy outside hardware?
      A: This item will come with everything needed for installation on a pocket door Click here to view the schematic Was this answer useful to you?
    5. Q: I am afraid to cut my door and install this because the "prongs" do not pop out to lock it. How can I test this?
      A: Please contact the technical support department 800-356-2741 Was this answer useful to you?
    6. Q: You mentioned an edge pull with a dummy configuration, is this built in or is it an additional edge pull to buy.
      A: The edge pull will come with the "dummy" configuration, please see the image Click here for dummy Was this answer useful to you?
    7. Q: How does a user get the edge pull to pop out?
      A: The edge pull is available with the Dummy configuration, it is a standard edge pull that you would use your finger to pop out. Was this answer useful to you?
    8. Q: Can you mix two sets to have different finishes on each side of door
      A: This can be done by purchasing a set in each finish and combining them. Was this answer useful to you?
    9. Q: I am looking for a flush door handle for a pantry door that swings out into the room. The current standard door knob keeps the refrigerator door that opens toward the pantry door from opening all the way. Would this work or is there a better solution?
      A: This part is a privacy which is locking, if you do not need the piece to lock I recommend the passage function! Click here for passage Was this answer useful to you?
    10. Q: Does the flat black have a bronze tubular pull? The other ones pull matches
      A: I am not sure what you are referring to, however The bronze item will be all in bronze however the latch portion is brass as shown in the image Was this answer useful to you?
    11. Q: How does the emergency unlocking from the outside work? I dont see the typical 'hole' to insert a paperclip to o[en the lock if someone is locked in and cannot open door?
      A: This is a pocket door hardware so it does not lock with a push pin. Please refer to the schematic, you would need to use a flat head screw driver to stick in the round slot located in the center of the exterior piece. Click here for schematic Was this answer useful to you?
    12. Q: I want to use this for a bifold door to allow the two door panels to open flat. Can this pocket door latch also prevent a folding door from opening if pushed from the outside?
      A: You would need to purchase both a privacy and a dummy set if you'd like the items to connect.  This will prevent opening from the outside.Click here for items Was this answer useful to you?
    13. Q: Isn't the center button on the 'locking side' supposed to be flush, i.e. no protrusion?
      A: The item is flush, Please see the schematic for details Click here Was this answer useful to you?
    14. Q: Is there a version with turn fan/handle on both sides?
      A: There is not an option with the turn handle on each side Was this answer useful to you?
    15. Q: can i get this device in a brass finish or nickle
      A: Yes, both finish options are listed under the Finish drop down box Was this answer useful to you?
    16. Q: where is this product manufactured
      A: This product is made in China Was this answer useful to you?
    17. Q: When you open door to exit bathroom and slide door shut, does lock engage again once it hits receiving plate?
      A: The pocket door hardware will not inevitably lock if the door is closed.  The privacy function is only available when the turn key is rotated. Was this answer useful to you?
    18. Q: Can this be opened from the outside?
      A: The pocket door lock has an emergency turnkey that can release the lock. Was this answer useful to you?
    19. Q: Does this lock have a KEYED VERSION?
      A: A:We do not offer a keyed function in this collection. Was this answer useful to you?
    20. Q: Hello. Is there a keyed version of this lock?
      A: We do not offer a keyed function in this collection. Was this answer useful to you?
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