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Select - 4" Centers Knurled Bar with Rectangular Stem in Polished Chrome - Emtek Hardware

$20.00 MSRP $25.00
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Product Description

Please Note: Specific collections have different base materials and finishes will vary based on the base material. We suggest ordering from within the same collection to assure color consistency
  • Includes 1 Pull
  • Centers: 3 1/2", Length: 4 1/4", Projection: 1 3/8",
  • Centers: 4", Length: 4 3/4", Projection: 1 3/8"
  • Centers: 5", Length: 5 3/4", Projection: 1 3/8"
  • Centers: 6", Length: 6 3/4", Projection: 1 3/8"
  • Centers: 10", Length: 10 3/4", Projection: 1 3/8"
  • Centers: 12", Length: 12 3/4", Projection: 1 3/8"
  • Stem and Bar will be permanently affixed
  • Mounting Hardware Included
    Please Note: Emtek Cabinet Hardware finishes will vary from Emtek Door Hardware due to different base materials.
  • Specifications

    Item #
    Model #
    UPC #
    Sub Category: 
    Specific Finish: 
    Base Material: 
    California residents:
    see Proposition 65 information
    Vendor part numbers:
    Current: 84053US26.RECUS26.KNUS26
    84052SCU.RECSCU.KNSCU 84052US10B.RECUS10B.KNUS10B 84052US14.RECUS14.KNUS14 84052US15.RECUS15.KNUS15 84052US19.RECUS19.KNUS19 84052US26.RECUS26.KNUS26 84052US4.RECUS4.KNUS4 84053SCU.RECSCU.KNSCU 84053US10B.RECUS10B.KNUS10B 84053US14.RECUS14.KNUS14 84053US15.RECUS15.KNUS15 84053US19.RECUS19.KNUS19 84053US4.RECUS4.KNUS4 84054SCU.RECSCU.KNSCU 84054US10B.RECUS10B.KNUS10B 84054US14.RECUS14.KNUS14 84054US15.RECUS15.KNUS15 84054US19.RECUS19.KNUS19 84054US26.RECUS26.KNUS26 84054US4.RECUS4.KNUS4 84055SCU.RECSCU.KNSCU 84055US10B.RECUS10B.KNUS10B 84055US14.RECUS14.KNUS14 84055US15.RECUS15.KNUS15 84055US19.RECUS19.KNUS19 84055US26.RECUS26.KNUS26 84055US4.RECUS4.KNUS4 84056SCU.RECSCU.KNSCU 84056US10B.RECUS10B.KNUS10B 84056US14.RECUS14.KNUS14 84056US15.RECUS15.KNUS15 84056US19.RECUS19.KNUS19 84056US26.RECUS26.KNUS26 84056US4.RECUS4.KNUS4 84057SCU.RECSCU.KNSCU 84057US10B.RECUS10B.KNUS10B 84057US14.RECUS14.KNUS14 84057US15.RECUS15.KNUS15 84057US19.RECUS19.KNUS19 84057US26.RECUS26.KNUS26 84057US4.RECUS4.KNUS4 84058SCU.RECSCU.KNSCU 84058US10B.RECUS10B.KNUS10B 84058US14.RECUS14.KNUS14 84058US15.RECUS15.KNUS15 84058US19.RECUS19.KNUS19 84058US26.RECUS26.KNUS26 84058US4.RECUS4.KNUS4

    Product FAQs

    Ask your question here...

    1. Q: Can this be mounted on 1/2 glass?
      A: The manufacturer ships standard screws to fit the item purchased, 1" screws are packaged with most of our hardware to accommodate standard 3/4" door fronts. Was this answer useful to you?
    2. Q: How many do you have in stock? I need 16.
      A: The item is instock and will ship within 1-2 business days with additional days in transit. Was this answer useful to you?
    3. Q: What’s the diameter of the select 12 inch knurled bar from emtek?
      A: The diameter is a 1/2" Was this answer useful to you?
    4. Q: how many do you have in stock
      A: Please contact customer care for stock information. Was this answer useful to you?
    5. Q: I'm looking to match existing pull in Satin Gold. Would Satin Brass consider close enough. I'm looking for a bright yellow gold. I previously bought a hardware label as honey bronze and it looked aged and antique.
      A: Every manufacturer will create their own version of finishes.  If you are trying to match an existing finish we recommend ordering samples to see them side by side Was this answer useful to you?
    6. Q: Do you have the appliance pull for the knurled model
      A: This item is not available in an appliance pull option Was this answer useful to you?
    7. Q: Is satin brass the same shade as brushed gold.
      A: They are similar however every manufacturer will create their own version of finishes. We recommend ordering a sample. Was this answer useful to you?
    8. Q: Can these be used on interior pantry doors that have the 1 3/8” thickness?
      A: The cabinet hardware comes with the necessary screws for installation.  The manufacturer ships 1" inch  screws to accommodate the standard 3/4" door fronts. Was this answer useful to you?
    9. Q: Emtek select satin brass 6 inch pull - I need 76 of them. How long will that take? Thanks.
      A: Please contact customer care for a stock check Was this answer useful to you?
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