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Omnia Door hardware is finely crafted solid brass that will make your home as special as it can be. Omnia door knob latchsets will fit a 2 1/8" bore hole and are supplied for a 2 3/8" backset and a 1 3/8" thick door. These are the standard sizes for the industry but if you need something different it can be provided just let us know when ordering. All latchsets are ADA approved.Functions: Passage: Latch operates by knob from either side of the door. Privacy: Latch operates by knob from either side of the door. Push button on interior rose engages lock; emergency release hole is on exterior rose. Turning inside knob will release privacy and retract latchbolt. Used for a bathroom or bedroom. Pair Dummy: Also referred to as full dummy. Trim on both sides of door. Single Dummy: Trim on one side of door only.

Product Care All of our products are solid brass, crafted to exacting standards. Each Omnia design is hand polished and highly buffed, after which a hard, transparent lacquer finish is baked on for extra durability. Polished, lacquered brass will eventually age, a natural process. The speed at which this process occurs varies according to many different factors. Lacquer can break down due to atmospheric conditions, exposure to cleaning products, paints, stains or even water; elements over which we have no control. If you wish to maintain the rich lustre of its original polished condition, some steps are necessary. * After initial installation, apply a non-abrasive wax (such as beeswax) to the entire visible trim and polish with a soft flannel cloth. Please follow the wax manufacturer's instructions carefully. * We recommend this process be done monthly to maintain the highly polished finish. (The wax will protect the brass from outside elements, however it will not prevent scratching.) * To achieve the traditional antique brass finish, do not apply any waxes and allow your hardware to age naturally. Omnia is committed to providing you with an unparalleled selection of quality hardware that is both durable and has long-lasting beauty. Our goals are straightforward: beautiful products that enhance their setting, perform flawlessly and are sensibly priced.

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    After 30 years we decided to update our primary bathroom. We spent considerable time working on the design and selecting high quality materials for the cabinetry, tile and fixtures. As the bath was nearing completion it looked really great but we couldn’t find a door knob at the local home centers the matched our tastes nor the quality of our other furnishings. I searched the web and found which was the answer to our quest. The Omnia Polished Chrome door knob was the perfect solution. The design detail and the high quality manufacture was exactly what we felt essential as the final touch to this major project. We are delighted and very satisfied.