Omnia Door Knobs Max Brass Collection

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Omnia Door hardware is finely crafted solid brass that will make your home as special as it can be. Omnia door knob latchsets will fit a 2 1/8" bore hole and are supplied for a 2 3/8" backset and a 1 3/8" thick door. These are the standard sizes for the industry but if you need something different it can be provided just let us know when ordering. All latchsets are ADA approved.Functions: Passage: Latch operates by knob from either side of the door. Privacy: Latch operates by knob from either side of the door. Push button on interior rose engages lock; emergency release hole is on exterior rose. Turning inside knob will release privacy and retract latchbolt. Used for a bathroom or bedroom. Pair Dummy: Also referred to as full dummy. Trim on both sides of door. Single Dummy: Trim on one side of door only.

MAX-BRASS™ Finish Care Like the durable finishes applied to automobiles, the Max-Brass™ finish still requires periodic maintenance. A build-up may occur if maintenance is not performed, which may create a haze or darker look to the finish. This is neither tarnish nor a defect in the Max-Brass™ finish. The Max-Brass™ finish can be maintained simply by wiping with a soft cloth and glass cleaner; or as an alternative, a non-abrasive metal polish, such as "Flitz", which can be purchased at any hardware store. DO NOT use metal polishes that contain abrasives. This maintenance will bring back or maintain the original brilliance of the Max·Brass™ finish.