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This glass can be installed in a variety of areas, but can be scratched so keep that in mind. When installing, using a proper substrate is important such as a flat concrete surface clean of any contaminates. There should be no cracks, & any water application should have proper waterproofing or installed mortar bed for pools & fountains. This is reflective or sometimes transparent, any inconsistencies in the substrate could show through after installed. We suggest installing this over a properly cured concrete surface, cement backerboard, & gypsum or green board. We don't recommend installing on particle board, plywood, masonite, etc. Consider using silicone caulking in all corner joints instead of grout, & that only white setting materials are used for any installation. As always, customers should only use licensed, knowledgeable professionals that are experienced in glass tile applications. Once the proper prep work & substrate are ready, make sure to wipe the back of the glass & installed surface clean with a damp sponge. Then apply the thin-set adhesive to the surface to be tiled, using the flat side of a trowel working the adhesive over the surface to be covered. With the notched side of the trowel, go back over the setting material making sure that there is even setting bed, & then smooth over any notch grooves or inconsistencies. Remember to make sure that your adhesive is still wet & tacky & only apply as much adhesive as can be covered in about 10 minutes. Set your tile in place, gently tapping the tile into the mortar bedding, making sure that you have 100% contact & aligning all the sheets & grout joints. Then after tile is set properly begin grouting. When grouting, make sure that all voids & pits are fully packed, & that any grout is cleaned off the tile before it hardens. Don't scratch the glass when applying grout. You can use a sanded or un-sanded grout but we suggest a grout that is latex modified. Remember that glass is impervious & will take longer to begin setting up, & to use only a damp sponge for final cleaning or the smoothing of grout joints. We suggest a minimum of 24-48 hours to allow the grout to dry. We suggest using a blade designed for cutting glass, & a quality wet saw with a diamond cut-off or carbide blade. This glass must be cut slowly, & rough edges can be stoned or sanded smooth. Remember the glass is mesh mounted to also help with cutting & install. Sealing the grout can help add a layer of protection against stains.

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