Cabinet Hinges

Hinge styles and function have an enormous effect on the overall appearance and performance of your cabinets to function with ease and properly for years to come. Even though there are many types of hinges to choose from, the best way to determine the type hinge you need is to first define the cabinet (face frame or frameless) and then the door overlay on the cabinet (the position of the door relative to the cabinet opening). On a face frame cabinet the door will either be overlay, inset or partial inset and will take a standard hinge. On a frameless cabinet the door will be inset, full overlay or half overlay and will most likely take a european style hinge. The great news is that we offer an extensive variety of hinges and chances are there is a hinge out here that is right for your particular application. Utilize our refine search to locate the hinges that best fits your requirements for finish, size and type.