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Estate Door Accessories - #9 House Number in Antique Nickel - Baldwin Hardware

$17.42 MSRP $26.00
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Product Description

  • Material: Brass
  • Length: 5"
  • Projection: 5/16"
  • Specifications

    Item #
    Model #
    UPC #
    Sub Category: 
    Specific Finish: 
    House Number/Letter: 
    Made In: 
    Base Material: 
    California residents:
    see Proposition 65 information
    Vendor part numbers:
    Current: 90679.151.CD
    90670.003.CD 90670.031.CD 90670.044.CD 90670.055.CD 90670.056.CD 90670.102.CD 90670.112.CD 90670.140.CD 90670.150.CD 90670.151.CD 90670.190.CD 90670.260.CD 90670.264.CD 90671.003.CD 90671.031.CD 90671.044.CD 90671.055.CD 90671.056.CD 90671.102.CD 90671.112.CD 90671.140.CD 90671.150.CD 90671.151.CD 90671.190.CD 90671.260.CD 90671.264.CD 90672.003.CD 90672.031.CD 90672.044.CD 90672.055.CD 90672.056.CD 90672.102.CD 90672.112.CD 90672.140.CD 90672.150.CD 90672.151.CD 90672.190.CD 90672.260.CD 90672.264.CD 90673.003.CD 90673.031.CD 90673.044.CD 90673.055.CD 90673.056.CD 90673.102.CD 90673.112.CD 90673.140.CD 90673.150.CD 90673.151.CD 90673.190.CD 90673.260.CD 90673.264.CD 90674.003.CD 90674.031.CD 90674.044.CD 90674.055.CD 90674.056.CD 90674.102.CD 90674.112.CD 90674.140.CD 90674.150.CD 90674.151.CD 90674.190.CD 90674.260.CD 90674.264.CD 90675.003.CD 90675.031.CD 90675.044.CD 90675.055.CD 90675.056.CD 90675.102.CD 90675.112.CD 90675.140.CD 90675.150.CD 90675.151.CD 90675.190.CD 90675.260.CD 90675.264.CD 90676.003.CD 90676.031.CD 90676.044.CD 90676.055.CD 90676.056.CD 90676.102.CD 90676.112.CD 90676.140.CD 90676.150.CD 90676.151.CD 90676.190.CD 90676.260.CD 90676.264.CD 90677.003.CD 90677.031.CD 90677.044.CD 90677.055.CD 90677.056.CD 90677.102.CD 90677.112.CD 90677.140.CD 90677.150.CD 90677.151.CD 90677.190.CD 90677.260.CD 90677.264.CD 90678.003.CD 90678.031.CD 90678.044.CD 90678.055.CD 90678.056.CD 90678.102.CD 90678.112.CD 90678.140.CD 90678.150.CD 90678.151.CD 90678.190.CD 90678.260.CD 90678.264.CD 90679.003.CD 90679.031.CD 90679.044.CD 90679.055.CD 90679.056.CD 90679.102.CD 90679.112.CD 90679.140.CD 90679.150.CD 90679.190.CD 90679.260.CD 90679.264.CD

    Product FAQs

    Ask your question here...

    1. Q: What is the difference between the wear and tear of the weather on satin,polished or unlacquered brass. I’m putting numbers on entry door with no protection.
      A: Satin and Polished are applied to the product the same and will have similar wearing as they both have a protective coating. Unlacquered Brass finish is raw brass that is polished and left unlacquered to allow for natural darkening with time. Was this answer useful to you?
    2. Q: will this work in stucco ?
      A: Yes, this product can be installed to stucco Was this answer useful to you?
    3. Q: Are these truly oil rubbed bronze or do they look more black? Picture looks like black
      A: Please keep in mind there is no true oil rubbed bronze finish, every manufacturer will create their own "Oil Rubbed Bronze" finish.  This bronze does not have copper undertones and is more on the brown side. Was this answer useful to you?
    4. Q: Are the screws rust proof
      A: Yes, this item is made to withstand the external elements Was this answer useful to you?
    5. Q: Can the house numbers be positioned on a floating or pin mount or do they have to be flush mounted?
      A: This item is flush mounted Was this answer useful to you?
    6. Q: What width is this number?
      A: The width is 3" Was this answer useful to you?
    7. Q: I want this item but need 4 Inch length. Need number a number 6 and a number 4 in this item
      A: These house numbers are only available in a 5" Length Was this answer useful to you?
    8. Q: Is hardware included with house numbers
      A: Yes, the mounting hardware is included with this product. Was this answer useful to you?
    9. Q: How many inches are these?
      A: The lenght on these are 5" Was this answer useful to you?
    10. Q: How wide is this item.
      A: The Width is 3" Was this answer useful to you?
    11. Q: Width of the 0 ? Depth,too?
      A: The width is 3", the depth/projection is 5/16" Was this answer useful to you?
    12. Q: Will this rust if home is near the ocean?
      A: Typically we recommend marine grade stainless steel products be used when near the ocean, since over time most products will rust due to the elements Was this answer useful to you?
    13. Q: How wide is the number 8?
      A: The width is 3" Was this answer useful to you?
    14. Q: are these made in smaller sizes?
      A: These particular house numbers are currently only offered in this one specific size. Was this answer useful to you?
    15. Q: I need a A next to my number 3. do you make letters too?
      A: This manufacturer does not offer house letters Was this answer useful to you?
    16. Q: I need a #3. Do you have one?
      A: This item in question is a #3 Was this answer useful to you?
    17. Q: Is the matching mounting hardware/screws included with this item?
      A: Yes, this item will ship with matching screws Was this answer useful to you?
    18. Q: What is the height of these Numbers? Does not show
      A: The overall length is 5” inch and the width is 3” inch. Was this answer useful to you?
    19. Q: Need to instal house numbers into a rock , for outside address
      A: To install use a clear silicone or exterior construction adhesive to mount the house numbers onto a rock.  Was this answer useful to you?
    20. Q: How big are the letters?
      A: The length is 5" inch.  Was this answer useful to you?
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